He asked to write the letter to him

He asked to write the letter to him,
But I was not able to do for it trim,
So I was thinking about all that
And was very glad to connect any set.
Where is any different some of the words,
Which I can remember about my bird,
Who flight like the finch over all our earth
And sing me the song about the birth.
The bird was not seeing in the light-blue sky
And I wasn't seeing impetuous fly,
But listened ringing and song of the love,
Which ringed like bell all of above.
It gave to me advice about I must
Be thinking about my mood and my dreams,
So I understood: this voice need to trust
For myself surviving in the risky stream.
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Молодчага, хвалю!
12.11.2013 в 18:17
а всё правильно? Я в английском не очень.
13.11.2013 в 07:55