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I am condemned to impotently parrot
Lines rhyming love with blood, or worse, with carrot,
While life, of all vocabulary vast,
Rhymes with rebuke and funeral repast.

Yet foster I cannot a predilection
For rhyming love with heavenly direction,
A dress accessory, a push, a soap-slash-bird,
Or worst, a preposition long deferred.

And thus I mold for no apparent reason,
Indifferent to change of tongue and season
Around me, away from reading eyes,
A distant language that, beyond surmise,

Rhymes river with ennui and sea with grief,
And death with exhortation to belief.
Cвидетельство о публикации 580194 © Тургут Элл-Макбак 14.01.20 10:49

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