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Breathe - do not breathe
Write to me - do not write
Do not spoil your teeth
Тhey were enough bright

Not sharpen the knife
Not sharpen the scythe
Because of this way
Both will quit array

You me only dead

in this hypothetical case
I could not wait you in that place


If they only knew
About what I feel to them,
My attraction
My reaction
They would feel disgraceful.

If they only knew -
Тhey did not dare то condemn
My retraction
My inaction...
So, I did not have satisfaction...

If I only knew...
I did not have because of their plan
With my earth...
Maybe they have any contraction...

Where one star go out,
There are staying the others,
There are very much of the star,
In the our night black sky.

If one candle burn out,
It can set fire another,
So never put any final,
Be in the mood of the waiting.

He asked to write the letter to him,
But I was not able to do for it trim,
So I was thinking about all that
And was very glad to connect any set.

Where is any different some of the words,
Which I can remember about my bird,
Who flight like the finch over all our earth
And sing me the song about the birth.

The bird was not seeing in the light-blue sky
And I wasn't seeing impetuous fly,
But listened ringing and song of the love,
Which ringed like bell all of above.

It gave to me advice about I must
Be thinking about my mood and my dreams,
So I understood: this voice need to trust
For myself surviving in the risky stream.

There is in my mood some the pain
because on the windows I'm seeng the rain
but, maybe, it is all the round?
and rain went because of my pain?

There was anybody, which... or who
Gun to my chest and who broke my mood
This men was alone which I promise to wait
His ais were for me ones the good

He is very long right now from me
But onetime hi is nearby - he is mowing to me,
I know it is all only craysilly play - only for bouth of us
And this craysilly sistem become unormal because of me

it can only to enter to the that play,
Pered may ajs zahlopnulas' any white door,
I do not see any exit from this polutemnoj room
But I promice to him to going with him to the end.

It is a very sadly history, because
He never be with me, becase of
He is marry right now with other woman.
They are going to move to the other place,
So I will never seeng to him.
That is so I think about me and any vois who is my virtual hubby.

It is the night
Around me
I see the knife
And in the window one tree
I cut my leg
For my crazy wife
And do for she
Any memory.

216-382-2410 мама Тома
She understand -
That is not easy
And not just like that
And I without she is busy,
But I do it for she and myself -
Only for us both.

She understand, - after all that
She will hear better,
But maybe not,
But she is agree
To this experiment
And it need to catch
Every lives` moment.

Maybe she will understand anytime
What people is speaking to,
Maybe she never it understand,
But it is very fine for she and you
Your romp with her deaf head.

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