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There is in my mood some the pain 5

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There is in my mood some the pain
because on the windows I'm seeng the rain
but, maybe, it is all the round?
and rain went because of my pain?

There was anybody, which... or who
Gun to my chest and who broke my mood
This men was alone which I promise to wait
His ais were for me ones the good

He is very long right now from me
But onetime hi is nearby - he is mowing to me,
I know it is all only craysilly play - only for bouth of us
And this craysilly sistem become unormal because of me

it can only to enter to the that play,
Pered may ajs zahlopnulas' any white door,
I do not see any exit from this polutemnoj room
But I promice to him to going with him to the end
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