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автоперевод стихотворения "Разрыв"


Come in! Please attention! Fragile are these boxes.
I have had enough! No more broken glasses!
Just take it, your gloom is contagiously toxic,
My peace is the border your presence trespasses!

Dammit! Not a hill, it’s a cat on the picture!
Your dream is no foresight, it’s total delirium.
The toasts are hopelessly burnt in the kitchen.
You looked for a Poet? Get out of oblivion!

Forget it! I'm nothing but a scandalous lady:
Flat, senseless and jealous, whatever you call me.
I played with your heart and I played with your body.
Et voila! I am craving for freedom!

Get out! This coach is mine and my poodle’s.
I can’t stand a man so shy and so helpless.
Go read through this stuff. Your keys are enclosed.
Good bye, farewell and take care! Not Alice.

P.S. Get it right: you’re too much of a nice guy.
And I’m so wicked – how could I have loved you?
Your virtues were razors for my stainless soul.
Be angry or not… Just get out of this venue.

July 1995

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