Publishing House Sharg-Garb
(Sharg-Garb Publishing House)

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  • Город: Baku
  • Дата рождения: 01.01.1986
  • Регистрация: 24.08.2020

Об авторе: Sharg-Garb Publishing House has been operating since 1986. Sharg-Garb JSC one of the leading printing and publishing company in Azerbaijan. Equipped with the latest and newest printing equipment, the world's cutting-edge technologies are used. Our typography includes 2-sided printing, metallized printing, laminated printing, twin lacquering, UV lacquering, dispersion lacquering, part lacquering, wire sewing, spiral sewing, perforated stitching, pony, cuts of different shapes, assembly etc. In the “Sharg-Garb JSC about 70 million printed pages are used every year. Highly qualified specialists of Sharg-Garb JSC publish and produce all types of books and magazines in a very short time. Also, in a very short time, we produce these products with high quality: books, magazines, catalogs, paper bags, calendars, booklets, brochures, folders, envelopes, official blanks, cards, all kinds of non-officials blanks, boxes, promo products etc. From December 2018, these products, produced by Sharg-Garb JSC's under «East-West» brand, have been distributed to customers at our country's stationery stores: all types of copybooks and office books, sketchbooks, manuscript books, agendas, notebooks, diaries (schoolbooks), children's books, note papers etc.